Privacy and Cookies Policy

Privacy and Cookies Policy

This privacy policy specifies the procedures, methods of processing and protection of personal data of users of the online shop, which offers electronic sales of products, available at  the domain, hereinafter referred to as „the Online Shop”.


The Administrator of the users’ personal data is the owner of the Online Shop, the company named Sims Recycling Solutions spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością (LLC), with the registered office in  Bydgoszcz at 4a Ernsta Petersona Street (postal code 85-862), entered in the register of entrepreneurs of the National Court Register run by the Local Court in Bydgoszcz, 12th Economic Department of the National Court Register – under KRS no. 0000161511, with the stock capital 1.073.600 PLN, paid in whole, VAT no. 5541728307, REGON no. 091406197, hereinafter referred to as „Sims”.


1. General provisions


We endeavour to implement uniform and harmonised principles for protection of personal data and privacy of the users of our Online Shop. We place great importance to comply with the applicable provisions in that regard, in particular, the Law dated  29th of August, 1997 on personal data protection (i.e. Journal of Laws Dz.U. of 2002 No. 101, item 926, as amended), hereinafter referred to as „the Law”.


2. Collecting and processing of data by the Online Shop


For the purpose of service activity in a form of sales of products in the Online Shop, we need to collect some personal data of its users. Processing of such personal information is necessary for concluding of the contract with the users, for billing and in order to provide the highest possible quality of aftersales service.

We also collect information regarding interaction with our websites, services, including: information on the computer and logging in, the so-called system logs including the date, time of visit, and IP no. of the computer from which the connection was made. We collect data on the webpage statistics,  traffic from and to the individual websites. We take up these activities exclusively for the purposes of improvement of the Online Shop and its customisation.

In some cases, it may be necessary to provide descriptive information or information on preferences of the user. Providing this information by the user is voluntary. For example, this information may be transferred for the purpose of sending an email by that user to another user which might be interested in a specific product, with the use of the product recommendation function which is offered by the Online Shop.


3. Use of personal data of the Online Shop’s user


Personal data is collected by us mainly for the purpose of providing of the possibility of purchasing of products offered by the Online Shop, to its users.

We can process the users’ data for the following purposes:

a) related to providing sales services in the Online Shop;

b) informing on our services or realisation of any other marketing or promotional activities provided, that we received the consent of the user for such activities;

c) sending of the free newsletter including information referring to the offers presented in the Online Shop which might be interesting to the user, provided that the user gave its consent to receive commercial information by our Online Shop.


4. Making personal data available to third parties


As a rule, we don’t make the user’s personal data or information referring to using of the Online Shop by the users available to any persons or third parties.

However, we allow for certain exceptions from the aforementioned rule, e.g. we may make personal data available:

a) if the user gave voluntary consent to making such information available to e.g. entities affiliated to or co-operating with Sims;

b) to law enforcement organs or any other public or justice authorities— in reply to the justifiable requirements resulting from the proceedings or suspicion for the unlawful activity. In such a case, Sims may be obligated to disclose such information;

c) in particular situations we reserve the right for disclosing of some selected personal data in good will to other users, in the case when the request for disclosure of data will be submitted in a form of a written, duly substantiated  application, and Sims decides, that such a request shall be taken into account and most of all, it is compliant with data protection laws;

d) we can also make personal data available in an aggregated or anonymised form  which would not allow for determining of the user’s identity, e.g. data on number of visitors on our websites, to our business partners or third persons.


5. Using of Cookies


The Online Shop is based on  „cookie" files technology. “Cookies"  are small text files which are saved on the devices of persons visiting our Online Shop.

The Online Shop uses only session cookies. These files are stored on the device of the Online Shop’s visitor only during the session of opening of the browser or closing it while being in the Online Shop.  Cookie service provider is Sims.

Cookies are used by the Online Shop for the following purposes only:

a) Storing information on the version used by the user, and its language version;

b) Storing information on the choice of mode of presentation of products in the Online Shop;

c) Storing information on the products in the user’s basket;

d) Storing information on using promotional code for the purchase of products on our Online Shop;

e) Storing information on description or specification or products browsed by the user.

Each of internet browsers available on the market has the possibility of cookie files management. If the user takes up the decision on disabling cookies, it shall first get acquainted with the method of managing of cookie files, presented in the tab ‘Help’  of the browser used by the user.  The user may configure the browser used by him/her in such a way, that it rejects all cookies; doesn’t reject cookies, or sends notifications, if such files are sent by the websites.

If cookies are disabled by the user’s browser, it doesn’t affect the possibility of using of the Online Shop; however, it may compromise its functioning. Therefore, it is recommended to use your software with enabled cookies.


Please find below some methods of management of cookie files in the most popular browsers on the market:


Google Chrome:

- Click on the icon on the toolbar

- Select „Settings"

- On the bottom of the page, click on “Show advanced settings…”

- In „Privacy” section, click on  „Content settings”

- In order to enable cookies, in „Cookies” section, turn on „Allow sites to save and read cookie data(recommended)”.  In order to accept only your own cookies, choose „Block third-party cookies”.

- In order to disable cookies in „Cookies” section, torn off Allow sites to save and read cookie data”.

- You will find more information on settings offered by Chrome browser on the official Google site.


Microsoft Internet Explorer:

- Click on „Tools” menu on the top of the browser and select „Internet Options”

- In  „Internet Options” menu, go to  „Privacy” tab

- To enable cookies: move the selector to „Medium” setting or below

- To disable cookies: move the selector to the top in order to block all cookies

- While changing the position of the selector, you will be informed on the current level of cookie blockage

- You will find more information on settings offered by Microsoft Internet Explorer browser (e.g. for Windows 7 and Windows Vista) on the official Microsoft website.


Mozilla Firefox:

- Click on the browser’s icon and select „Options”

- Select „Privacy” tab

- In „History” section, in line „Firefox program:” in the drop-down menu, select „will use the user’s settings”

- In order to disable cookies, mark „Enable cookies” option and  „Accept cookies from the other sites”.

- To disable cookies, unclick the check mark next to option „Accept cookies.”

- You will find more information on settings offered by Firefox browser on the official Mozilla website.



- Click on the browser’s menu, select „Settings”, and then „Preferences”

- In the window „Preferences” select „Advanced” tab

- Select “Cookies” on the left side of the menu

- To enable cookies, select option „Accept cookies”

- To disable cookies, select option „Never accept cookies”

- You will find more information on settings offered by Opera browser on the official Opera Software website.



- Switch to   drop down menu, and then select „Settings”

- Select „Privacy”  tab

- In order to enable cookies in section „Block cookies:” select option „Never”. To accept only cookies of the Online Shop you are visiting, select option „from other subjects or advertisers”

- To disable cookies, in  „Block cookies:” section, select option „Always”

- You will find more information on settings offered by Opera browser on the official Safari on the official Apple website.


6. Access to personal data. The right to modify.


Each user has the right of access to the contents of its personal data and the right to modify it. Personal information is provided by the user voluntarily. However, if the products are purchased through the Online Shop, providing personal information may be necessary for effective concluding of the sales contract.

Each person interested can make use of (but not more, than once every six (6) months)  the right to receive free information from Sims, if his/her personal information is processed by Sims, on the purpose, scope and method of processing  of such information, and its contents, stated in the commonly understood form, as well as information on the source of information and method of making them available.


7. Technical and organisational tools for data protection. Dangers


Sims exercises due diligence in order to protect personal information of its users. We use technical and organisational devices which allow us to protect the users’ personal data against unauthorised access of third parties, collecting them by any unauthorised person, or unlawful use, modification or disclosure.

Sims meets technical and organisational conditions required for IT systems, in which user’s personal data are processed, determined by the regulation of the Ministry of Home Affairs and Administration dated 29th of April, 2004 regarding documentation of personal data processing and technical and organisational conditions  which shall be met by IT equipment and systems used for processing  of personal information (Journal of Laws Dz.U. of 2004 No. 100, item 1024). Sims applies high-level protection tools required by the enclosure to the aforementioned regulation.


8. Changes in privacy policy

If Sims decides to implement some changes in the Online Shop privacy policy, it shall inform on such changes by placing the relevant explicit and visible information in the Online Shop.


9. Contact

Any questions or remarks referring to terms and conditions of privacy policy and compliance with this policy shall be directed to the following e-mail address: or in written form to the mailing address of Sims company. Thank you for reading this privacy policy.