FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions




Is it possible to change the configuration of a laptop or PC? 

Yes, we offer the opportunity to change the configuration. You can easily change: RAM memory, hard drive, operating system, optical disc drive. Prices of accessories and the possibility to change parameters can be found in the Product’s offer, in the tab „Specification”


What is the actual condition of the offered product?

We put our best efforts to offer products in the best possible visual, technical and operating condition. After-lease equipment may have some minor traces of usage resulting from its normal usage. All equipment offered by us if fully operational.  


Do the laptops have a standardised keyboard?

As we get our laptops from various sources, also from some foreign distributors,  a part of them may require putting some stickers on the keyboard.  We ship the equipment completely prepared, with the keyboard having Polish characters stuck on it.


Which accessories are attached to the products as a standard?

- laptop: battery, power supply.

- PC: power supply.

- monitor: power supply, cable for connecting of monitor to the PC.

- telephones, tablets – charger.

- projectors – power supply.

Unless the offer explicitly states differently.





Are the prices presented on the web site gross prices or net prices?

All prices for our products presented on the web site are gross prices.


Can I count on some additional discount when I buy more pieces?

The prices for products in the online shop are retail prices. If you are interested in the purchase of more pieces, please contact us, and we will prepare an individual offer for you. Please refer to the tab “Contact”.





Do I receive a warranty for the purchased products?

Yes, all our products are covered by 12-month warranty period. The only exception are the overpriced products, with discount code, for which we offer 90-days warranty.


Is it possible to extend the warranty period?

Yes, we offer the extension of the warranty period by another 12 months – so it means, that the total warranty period is 24 months.  In most cases, it involves the additional payment amounting to about 20% of the equipment’s value.





What is the operating system in OEM MAR version?

Windows OEM MAR version is the original license designated for after-lease products.


Is the purchased Windows operating system legal?

Yes. Its legality is proved by the license sticker put on the cover of the purchased equipment. It has its own unique code and key for activating of the system. The license is also invoiced in a separate line and the backup copy of the system can be found on the Microsoft web site.





How long does the delivery take?

Dependent on the type of product,  the time of preparation of equipment for shipment by the express post or for personal collection may take 1-2 working days.


Which methods of delivery are available?

- DPD Polska Express )


Is it possible to come to you and buy a product on site?

We don’t have a stationary shop, in which we could present all our products and offer the purchase on site.




Is it possible to return a products, if it doesn’t meet my expectations?

Yes, pursuant to legal regulations, we offer the possibility to withdraw from the contract within 14 days from the date of collecting of the equipment. You may inform us on your willingness to do so by email, and then, you shall send the equipment back to us at your own expense, including the information on withdrawal from the contract and the bank account no. for the return of payment, to the following address:

Sims Recycling Solutions Sp. z o.o.
ul. Ernsta Petersona 4A
85-862 Bydgoszcz